Should I get an RI DUI lawyer?

Should I get an RI DUI lawyer?


I just got a DUI in RI- should I get a lawyer?


In short, YES! Hire a lawyer if you want to avoid possible: prison, high fines, loss of license, unemployment, and extremely expensive insurance.

Why You Need One

A DUI is a serious offense that is not taken lightly in a court of law. Furthermore, the legal proceedings which follow your arrest can be very complicated. It could leave you at a loss if you’re not represented adequately. Therefore, it’s important to get a DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

What Does a DUI Lawyer Do?

A highly experienced DUI lawyer can assist you in several ways before, during, and after your trial. When you are initially charged with the offense, a good attorney can help you address the authorities in the best way. During the court proceedings, your attorney can convince the judge and/or jury to consider numerous factors which may reduce or dismiss your sentence. Afterwards, your lawyer can advise you on how to complete your legal requirements and get back on the road in the shortest time possible.

In fact, defending yourself is never a good idea, nor is it recommended by any court. Having proper legal representation bodes well in your favor: showing the courts you take your charges seriously and are willing to invest in rehabilitation. Moreover, showing up for court without a licensed attorney can make you miss out on several opportunities that could make the process much less difficult.

How to Pick a Good DUI Lawyer

There are numerous DUI lawyers available in your area, like Daniel Griffin of Cranston. Attorney Griffin exemplifies the characteristics of what you should be looking for in adequate legal representation. To choose the best attorney, ask the following 10 questions.

10 questions to ask yourself before hiring a DUI lawyer:

  1. Is this my first offense?
  2. How serious are my charges – felony or misdemeanor DUI?
  3. Will this lawyer be able to handle my case?
  4. Am I willing and able to pay for the services rendered as agreed in my contract?
  5. Am I aware that my overall costs could be far greater without the help of a good lawyer?
  6. What are others saying about this law firm?
  7. Does this lawyer have experience dealing with cases like mine?
  8. Do I need my lawyer to request special privileges from the courts on my behalf (i.e. hardship license, work release if jailed, reduced fines, etc.)?
  9. Can this lawyer help me fight an unjust charge?
  10. How easy is it to consult with this lawyer if I have questions, comments, or concerns?

Things to remember when hiring an attorney

Keep in mind that not all DUI lawyers are the same. While some claim to be experts, their ability to represent you will be lacking at best. The fact that you likely require terrific legal help means you should choose a lawyer who knows his/her way around the laws in your state. Selecting a DUI lawyer in Rhode Island is of the upmost importance.

Remember that hiring a good lawyer is an investment in your freedom. Look for someone who maintains the perfect balance between price and professionalism.

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