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Pawtucket DUI Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pawtucket, RI

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Rhode Island, you should know that finding the right Pawtucket DUI lawyer is very important. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin provides the very best in legal representation to Rhode Island residents.

Whether you want help after being charged or you’re looking for a way to get your DUI expunged, you’ll find that Attorney Daniel Griffin provides the best strategy for getting out of a DUI conviction.

Expert Criminal Defense

Before becoming Rhode Island’s premier criminal defense attorney, Dan was a Rhode Island State Prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General and a U.S. Marine Veteran.

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After seeing cases from both sides, Attorney Griffin understands how stressful each case can be. That is why he will be aggressively fighting for you and available 24/7.

As a city detective I’ve had the opportunity to work with Attorney Daniel Griffin many times over the years…Attorney Griffin’s professionalism, ethics, and his commitment to the victims he represented is unparalleled. These attributes are why he has earned a great reputation throughout the state…I highly recommend him if you are in need of legal services. – Detective Joseph R. Hanley III


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The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pawtucket

DUI Lawyer in Pawtucket, RI

Whether you’re dealing with a DUI/DWI case or other criminal charges, it’s of the utmost importance that you work with the right RI criminal defense lawyer to protect yourself and your future.

Only an experienced professional that understands how the wheels of justice work throughout Rhode Island will be able to help guide you through this often convoluted and complex process, helping you to come out on the other side with the kind of results you are looking for.

Protect Yourself with Experienced Representation

Attorney Daniel Griffin is considered by many to be one of the most successful and accomplished of all the Rhode Island criminal defense lawyers practicing today.

After serving a tour of enlistment with the United States Marine Corps (becoming a decorated Marine Rifleman while seeing combat in Iraq), Daniel Griffin decided to take advantage of the G.I. Bill to pursue a career in law.

After graduating college and later law school he went on to become a respected prosecutor with the Attorney General’s Office in Rhode Island, successfully prosecuting hundreds of criminal cases and learning the ins and outs of this area of the law completely.

In 2016, this criminal defense lawyer in RI decided that he could better serve his community by helping to protect people from unjust prosecution. He opened up the Law Office of Daniel Griffin and almost immediately began to establish a reputation as one of the most successful RI criminal defense attorneys around.

DUI consequences

Today, attorney Daniel Griffin enjoys a sterling silver reputation on both sides of the legal profession. Opposing prosecutors admire his tenacious ability to fight for his clients, respect his ethics and his morals, and consider him to be one of the top defense attorneys in the state.

Clients of Daniel Griffin routinely recommend him as a Rhode Island criminal defense attorney, as any quick search of the internet will show you. The overwhelming majority of testimonials left for this law firm are glowingly positive, and it’s easy to unearth testimonials from individuals that took advantage of criminal defense services as well as those looking to protect themselves from DUI and DWI cases without much effort.

At the end of the day, this is a Rhode Island criminal defense attorney that gets results for his clients. He’s able to use his knowledge and his expertise to navigate these kinds of legal cases successfully, making sure that the rights of his clients are always observed and that they have every opportunity to defend themselves successfully in courts all over Rhode Island.

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To learn a little bit more about how this Rhode Island attorney may be able to help you moving forward, and to receive a 100% free and no obligation consultation to go over the particulars of your case, simply contact the Law Office of Daniel Griffin at 401-944-1700.

This law office is based out of Cranston, but Daniel Griffin is licensed to practice law throughout the state of Rhode Island as well as in neighboring Massachusetts. Contact him today to learn more.