Will a DUI in Rhode Island show on my background check?

Will a DUI in Rhode Island show on my background check?


I just got a DUI in RI- will it show up in my background check?


A DUI charge in Rhode Island will appear on your background check, depending on the situation.

Additional Information

Because of the severity of a DUI charge, most courts take it very seriously. If you are found guilty of the offense, then chances are it will show up on your criminal record for the rest of your life. However, there are only a few instances where the conviction will show up on a background check. Luckily, a good DUI lawyer in RI can help you reduce the amount of damage the crime does to your personal reputation.

The Four Main Areas where a DUI Will Show Up on a Background Check

Most individuals who get charged with and convicted of a DUI must deal with the offense being listed on a background check. However, many sources only search for violent or drug-related felonies. Still, be prepared for your DUI to show up in the following circumstances:

When You Apply for Certain Jobs

Some employers require their employees to have exemplary driving records. This is especially true for jobs that require: operating heavy machinery, making deliveries, driving company vehicles, or transporting other people. Most medical, educational, and government jobs prefer workers without any serious moving violations.

When You Buy or Update a Car Insurance Policy

After you get convicted of a DUI, automobile insurance underwriters will search public records to discover information about your driving habits. Furthermore, you’ll likely be required to get an SR-22 to obtain your driver’s license again. This special requirement will affect the kind of coverage you can get and the price you’ll pay for it.

When You Submit Housing Applications

Many housing administrations (and even some private landlords) run background checks. They do this to see if the applicant has any drug-related felonies, violent crime convictions, and/or any DUIs. Such items on your record can prevent you from being accepted into the home; especially if the house is managed by a government agency.

When You Ask for Government Assistance

If your DUI is a felony, it will show up on any background check conducted by the government when you apply for assistance. Moreover, a felony conviction will get you denied in most cases, as felons are ineligible for government assistance in most states (including Rhode Island).

Special Circumstances That May Help

If your lawyer gets the charge reduced or dismissed, you might not have to deal with it being listed on your future background checks. Furthermore, the data regarding the offense likely won’t show up on your public record until after the court proceedings are complete. In some cases, it may take several weeks or months for the record to be updated for public searches.

Hire an experienced RI DUI lawyer to help keep your record intact for as long as possible or better yet, to get the charges reduced and keep you from being denied on some applications.

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