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If you, a friend, or a member of your family has received a criminal charge in Rhode Island, you are probably quite worried and want to find out where you can find a lawyer who can help you in dealing with your predicament. The possibility of you or a loved one spending time in jail is going to be something that you want to avoid. Your best course of action is to find the best criminal defense lawyer in Rhode Island.

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Before becoming Rhode Island’s premier criminal defense attorney, Dan was a Rhode Island State Prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General and a U.S. Marine Veteran.

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After seeing cases from both sides, Attorney Griffin understands how stressful each case can be. That is why he will be aggressively fighting for you and available 24/7.

As a city detective I’ve had the opportunity to work with Attorney Daniel Griffin many times over the years…Attorney Griffin’s professionalism, ethics, and his commitment to the victims he represented is unparalleled. These attributes are why he has earned a great reputation throughout the state…I highly recommend him if you are in need of legal services. – Detective Joseph R. Hanley III


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The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Johnston

DUI Lawyer in Johnston, RI

Being charged with a crime can be devastating, especially when your side of the story hasn’t been heard or if you’re struggling to understand your rights and responsibilities as a defendant.

Some criminal cases are cut and dry, thus making it possible for the average person to represent themselves in some capacity or another. However, most modern-day criminal cases require the expertise of an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer.

Attorney Daniel Griffin has the knowledge, expertise, and experience (on both sides of the court) to defend all types of criminal charges.

Approaching the court by yourself can be intimidating and hiring a team of experts can be expensive. Fortunately, the benefits of seeking legal counsel vastly outweigh the costs. A well-trained attorney can help you understand the following (and more).

How much jail time will I face for a criminal charge?

Although each case is different, the right RI criminal defense attorney can explain the codes which dictate how much time you’ll serve in jail in the event that you’re found guilt of the crime you’ve been charged with. Someone like Daniel Griffin of Cranston is familiar with the court’s expectations and can help define the details of your charges so that the sentencing is less invasive.

Changes that will be made to your criminal record

Understand that your criminal record does not get updated until you’re convicted of a crime. Simply being charged with a criminal act might land your mugshot in the local newspaper, but it won’t place a permanent fixture on your public record unless you’re found guilty. As such, a RI criminal defense attorney can help make sense of the state’s mandatory reporting guidelines and give you resources to help you manage your life after court is adjourned.

How a conviction can affect your personal and professional life

Realize that a criminal conviction in a court of law will affect all aspects of your life. A well-informed criminal defense lawyer in Rhode Island can mitigate any social damages done by your conviction by attempting to either lessening the charges or have the case dismissed entirely. Before getting upset about your reputation, reach out to a legal expert for help and advice.

How your case will be handled by the lawyer

Keep in mind that defending someone against criminal charges is a complicated endeavor that requires legal expertise. With that said, understand that the RI criminal defense attorney you hire might not handle every single detail of your case on his or her own. For example, paralegals are hired to answer phone calls and emails or to file certain types of paperwork on the attorney’s behalf. Knowing how each firm operates will help cut back on any confusion caused by the process.