Can RI DUI charges be reduced?

Can RI DUI charges be reduced?


I just got a DUI charge in Rhode Island- can it be reduced?


With a lawyer, your charges have the possibility of being reduced.

Will it be reduced?

Many people ask whether a DUI charge can be reduced, even if it’s their second or third offense. In Rhode Island, certain circumstances may help you get your charges knocked down to simple reckless driving. However, the reduction in your charge is typically not possible without the help of a licensed attorney like Attorney Daniel Griffin in Cranston.

While most clients want their case dismissed altogether, that’s usually not how things end up. As a result, numerous consequences follow. Regardless, it’s possible to have the charges reduced with the right help. An experienced RI DUI lawyer can help gets the case dismissed or, at the very least, have the charged dropped down to something less severe. This is typically only possible for first time offenders. However, even second and third time offenders can sometimes reach a favorable outcome with adequate representation.

Things That Help Reduce Your Charge

Your lawyer will do everything in their power to get your charges dropped or reduced. Ultimately, the attorney you choose should use the following things to get the job done:

Suppression of Evidence

He or she will seek to have certain field sobriety tests and witness testimonies suppressed by the courts, often resulting in a de facto case dismissal or, at the very least, a lesser charge.

Misdemeanor Consideration

Reducing your charge is far more possible if your original conviction is a mere misdemeanor instead of a felony. A felony charge typically includes one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Damage to property
  • Injury to a person
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Endangerment to a minor in your custody
  • Numerous DUI convictions

Factual Insufficiency

If the facts surrounding your arrest or DUI charge are sufficient enough to satisfy the courts, then the case may be reduced or thrown out completely.

Every DUI case is different and should be treated as such by the lawyer you hire. However, there are numerous factors that your attorney must consider before attempting a charge reduction or incarceration deferment, such as:

  • Any pertinent legal issues associated with the case
  • Any factual problems regarding the charge
  • The BAC (blood alcohol content) of the defendant at the time of the arrest
  • The reputation and previous criminal history of the defendant
  • The information and testimony presented by the arresting officer(s)
  • Any special physical conditions or impairments of the defendant

The best lawyer will also be able to read between the lines on the police reports, finding facts that other lawyers might miss. Although Rhode Island is very strict on its DUI laws, most judges will objectively examine the facts presented during the hearing to give defendants a fair trial. Use the resources at your disposal to your advantage.

Contact a good DUI attorney in Rhode Island because in-state legal representation will be the most help. The sooner you get help, the better your chances of staying out of jail or having your charges reduced to something less serious.

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