South Kingstown DUI Lawyer

South Kingstown DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyer in South Kingstown, RI

If you – or someone that you care about – have recently been charged with a DUI in Rhode Island, you are probably pretty shaken up about the situation.

That’s understandable. The penalties for a DUI conviction are incredibly stiff and severe, as well as practically lifelong and as permanent as it gets. Penalties include loss of driving privileges, a heavy fine, and even potentially jail time under certain circumstances.

RI DUI lawyer Daniel Griffin is Rhode Island’s premier DUI defense attorney.

Expert DUI Defense

Before becoming Rhode Island’s premier DUI defense attorney, Dan was a Rhode Island State Prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General and a U.S. Marine Veteran.

Full-Service. Available 24/7.

After seeing cases from both sides, Attorney Griffin understands how stressful each case can be. That is why he will be aggressively fighting for you and available 24/7.

As a city detective I’ve had the opportunity to work with Attorney Daniel Griffin many times over the years…Attorney Griffin’s professionalism, ethics, and his commitment to the victims he represented is unparalleled. These attributes are why he has earned a great reputation throughout the state…I highly recommend him if you are in need of legal services. – Detective Joseph R. Hanley III


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The Best DUI Lawyer in South Kingstown

DUI Lawyer in South Kingstown, RI

In any serious legal situation, it’s a good idea to hire the best possible attorney you can find – and this situation is no different. Sure, you could represent yourself or even plead guilty to the DUI charge just to get it over with. But with the help of the best RI DUI lawyer, you may be able to avoid significant consequences and have this ugly situation expunged from your record permanently.

To better help you understand whether or not you should move forward with the help of the best Rhode Island DUI lawyer around, or try to go at it alone without a South Kingstown DUI lawyer at your side- pay close attention to all of the information in this guide.

Representing yourself

It’s important to realize right out of the gate, if you want to represent yourself when dealing with this very serious legal situation, you will have the opportunity to do exactly that. It’s just not advised.

A DUI lawyer in RI understands EXACTLY what has to be done in these situations: from the paperwork that needs to be filed, the evidence that needs to be subpoenaed, to the specific bargaining that can be conducted with the district attorney’s office and anyone else involved in this legal situation to get you the best possible outcome.

Without experience in the legal world, specifically as a South Kingstown DUI lawyer, the odds are pretty good that you don’t have same connections, skills, or experience necessary to get the best possible results all on your own.

You could possibly decide to go down the public defender route, but that is anything but ideal. You are dealing with rookie attorneys who do not have the experience or relationships necessary to get you a better deal, or attorneys on the backside of their career just looking to help out (very low energy).

Get the best Rhode Island DUI defense attorney around

At the very least, you need to take full advantage of the 100% free initial consultations available from all of the top law offices and attorneys in the South Kingstown area.

The Law Office of Daniel Griffin provides completely free initial consultations. Attorney Griffin is steeped in experience, has a strong reputation with the District Attorney’s office, and has been able to get people the kinds of results they give rave reviews about.

Regardless of whether or not you are on the fence about actually hiring legal experts, it would serve you well to talk to one of the best South Kingstown DUI lawyers around – 100% free and without any obligation whatsoever – to get advice about your situation and insight as to whether or not Dan would be able to help you out.

This kind of information is absolutely invaluable and you simply won’t be able to gain access to it anywhere else. Because it is completely free and offered without any hook or obligation all, you really need to take advantage of this initial consultation.

Why choose Dan Griffin as your attorney?

Someone like attorney Daniel Griffin is always going to offer you the very best opportunity to fight back against a legal system that has the deck stacked overwhelmingly in their favor.

Without the help of a legal expert like this, the best DUI lawyer in RI has to offer, you run the risk of having to pay a sky high fine (we’re talking about thousands thousand dollars here). You could also potentially face significant jail time, while dealing with a DUI blemish on your permanent record from here on out.

And that’s not even mentioning the fact that you lose your license for at least six months, and more likely at least one year!

Don't gamble with your freedom

When you have someone like attorney Griffin in your corner, however, you’re able to lean on the experience, expertise, and reputation of one of the best Rhode Island DUI lawyers around.

The Law Office of Daniel Griffin has been able to establish such a successful practice for assisting people as a Rhode Island DUI lawyer because of the results he produces time after time. Dan is the kind of attorney you want in the trenches fighting for you, your rights, and against a system that is set up to punish you even if you aren’t necessarily in the wrong.

To learn a little bit about how he can assist you every single step of the way, providing you with the kind of representation you deserve, contact attorney Daniel Griffin at your earliest convenience for a 100% free and zero obligation consultation.

You won’t regret it.