Domestic Violence Lawyer RI

Domestic Violence Lawyer RI

Domestic violence and family violence are serious charges in Rhode Island. When you are being accused of, investigated for or charged with domestic violence in RI, you will need a legal professional with experience handling these kind of cases. Rhode Island domestic violencet lawyer Daniel Griffin is a Rhode Island attorney with significant experience in the Rhode Island justice and court system.

Domestic violence is also known as domestic assault, spousal abuse, or spouse assault and can encompass the offences of domestic battery and assault, domestic disorderly conduct, malicious harm to property, domestic vandalism, well as harassing calls and texts.

Domestic violence is not constrained to romantic relations. Domestic violence offenses incorporate all types of domestic, family and romantic relationships. There are also a few expansions of these relationships included under the class of domestic violence, for example: engagements, living together, roommates and domestic associations.

Under Rhode Island law, domestic violence parties indicted or set on post-trial supervision for any crime identifying with domestic violence are required to go to a batterer’s mediation program, at their own cost, in spite of any sentencing by the judge. This can’t be postponed by the court under any conditions. The punishments for domestic violence offenses are weighted with serious and substantial implications.

Being accused of a domestic violence charge can significantly affect important parts of your life quickly. Domestic violence charges can unfairly taint your character and notoriety influencing your social, work, and professional life. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin knows the effect these charges can have on you and your family. RI domestic violence is a specialty are at the Law Office of Daniel Griffin.