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The Law Office of Daniel Griffin provides aggressive and effective representation to individuals facing drunk driving (driving while impaired) and related offenses such as breathalyzer refusal. Attorney Griffin has comprehensive experience as a Rhode Island drunk driving lawyer and has used that knowledge to effectively defend a huge selection of private clients accused of DUI offenses.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Daniel Griffin has the same training and experience as the state detecting and prosecuting DUI cases. He understands the search and seizure issues that affect DUI arrests, the technical aspects of DUI detection, and the processes the police must follow to make a legal DUI motor vehicle stop and subsequent DUI arrest.

Rhode Island defines the act of driving while impaired as a person 21 years or older operating an automobile with a blood alcohol content level at .08% or above. Rhode Island drunk driving lawyer Daniel Griffin has represented many defendants in Rhode Island Drunk driving cases effectively. RI drunk driving attorney Daniel Griffin enables you to dispute these charges and craft a legal defense to lessen your charges or eliminate all of them together.

Myths About Your RI DUI Charges

Many people feel that since they have been charged with drunk driving, or driving while impaired (DUI) in Rhode Island, that they have no alternative but to concede to the charge. This can be particularly true in the event that they have refused a DUI sobriety test for example, such as breath, blood, and urine. Thinking you have no possibility to win a RI DUI case is simply not true. There are various ways that can be demonstrated to beat a DUI/DWI arrest charge in Rhode Island. Individuals who have been arrested for a DUI or DWI offense in Rhode Island, need to look for expert counsel on learning conceivable methods for what to do to beat RI DUI arrest charges, at the soonest opportunity in the case.


One of the greatest myths about getting a DUI charge in Rhode Island, is that you will be found guilty in the event that you refused the breathalyzer or roadside field sobriety tests. People believe that breathalyzer machines, and even the officers that use them, are free from committing errors and mistakes during the DUI arrest. This is not a valid claim and numerous RI DUI/DWI cases have been battled and won in response to these mistakes.

Common Breathalyzer Faults

The breath test (Breathalyzer) utilized by police as a part of Rhode Island arrest DUI/DWI charges, does not generally give an exact reading of a person’s blood liquor content (BAC) level. A positive result, permits police to arrest you with the end goal of submitting you to an official breath examination (ordinarily at a police headquarters) on an alternate breath test instrument. It is the later breath test comes after your arrest at the station that the police ordinarily depend on to set your BAC level. This later time you took the breath test after the liquor has consumed more into your system at the station, does not generally imply that your blood alcohol level while you were really driving was over as far as it was. So knowing the time when you were stopped, and the time any testing was given is imperative in discovering conceivable ways that may be helpful to fight a Rhode Island DUI/DWI case. Based after having your arrest points of interest inspected, it might likewise demonstrate to other conceivable ways generally accepted methods to battle to beat a DUI/DWI in Rhode Island because of disgraceful arrest or testing systems.


Driving while impaired, otherwise called DUI, is a serious wrongdoing that can possibly change a driver’s life if indicted. DUIs are issued when a driver is discovered driving a vehicle – car, boat, cruiser, and so on – while affected by alcohol or medications. Accidents happen when drivers are under the influence, which can aggravate the charges against the driver. A drunk driving accident can make you pay costly fines, do community service, have your license revoked, or to top it all off, be sent to jail.

How A DUI Affects Your Life

A DUI charge is a serious offense that could cause various punishments and repercussions. A man is charged with a DWI on the off chance that they are found to have a blood alcohol level of .08% or more while working a motorized vehicle. In a few instances, the defendant might be charged with a DUI with a lower rate of blood alcohol content.


In addition to legal trouble, a drunk driving accident conviction can also influence a driver’s family life. Those discovered liable of driving while intoxicated may lose their jobs over their charges, struggle to find another occupation and can even have some of their social liberties revoked. Despite the fact that being arrested for DUI and drunk driving accident-related charges can be alarming, defense is accessible to all drivers to guarantee their charges are either reduced or tossed out totally. On the off chance that you or a friend or family member were charged with DUI, contact a Rhode Island drunk driving accident lawyer to contest your charges immediately.


As time passes, the number of drunk driving cases rises. Countless related accidents and deaths happen each hour, which has prompted strict laws being enforced. If not taken care of properly by an experienced Rhode Island DUI attorney, a DWI charge may force a revoked driver’s license, extreme fines, and even community service. More serious punishments incorporate court-ordered rehab, suspension of a driver’s license and also prison time. What very few individuals know is that after being charged with a DUI case, there is still a chance to get the charges brought down or even dropped. By getting a RI DUI lawyer that has involvement with drunk driving related cases, your odds of winning your case will be much higher.

You Need The Best RI DUI Lawyer

After a DUI arrest in Rhode Island, many people enter a plea deal just to discover that they had an option that may have potentially won and beat Rhode Island DUI charges. There could be only one thing that saves you from being indicted with a DUI offense in Rhode Island. Without having the knowledge to know exactly what to look for, a talented RI DUI attorney knows the alternatives of what to do and how to locate any way they can fight to defeat the charges effectively.


If you have been arrested and charged for DUI or drunk driving in Rhode Island, it is to your greatest advantage to examine the evidence of what to do. Getting arrested and charged with a DUI, DWI, or some other driving while impaired charge in RI, is a serious matter and planning is essential in trying to beat the case in front of you.


A top RI DUI lawyer will meet with you to consult your case for free with no commitment after that meeting, and show you ways how to beat your RI DUI arrest charges totally. Early expert help by a talented Rhode Island DUI drunk driving attorney is crucial to battle a DUI/DWI charge in Rhode Island effectively, and may save your driver’s license at the sentencing hearing..


A DUI or drunk driving offense in Rhode Island is a serious matter. A DUI arrest charge for a first-time guilty party, could likely result in a criminal conviction for DUI, huge fines, and a Rhode Island start interlock gadget. For a repeat DUI offense, a prison sentence is a solid probability on top of more costly and serious punishments.

How DUI Cases Are Won

It is important to not immediately concede to Rhode Island DUI/DWI charges just to get it over with quicker, until you are completely educated by getting your case examined by a talented Rhode Island DUI lawyer. This can help in seeing whether the prosecutor can prove its case or does not have sufficient proof. If any of the proof can be shown as invalid during your arrest, the DUI charges against you will be rejected or reduced by and large.


It is fundamental to the result of your case to know what you can do to beat DUI arrest charges in Rhode Island, before you confess or your case is too far along to have any kind of effect. Once you’ve entered a plea deal for a DUI/DWI in RI, it’s troublesome, or difficult to then withdraw it. Another point is to break down the investigation to ensure that any oversights made during the procedure of your arrest can be uncovered and conceivably used to your advantage in order to possibly win and beat your Rhode Island DUI/DWI offense charge.


It is common knowledge that a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level rises and falls after some time, regardless of the possibility that the individual has stopped drinking. It is additionally normal that, given that there is commonly time between being pulled over, arrested and in the end submitted to the official breath tests, your blood alcohol content at the time the official test that is acquired is not quite the same as what it would have really been at the time of driving. After having your arrest details analyzed, it might show how a RI DUI lawyer may help your case because of uncalled for arrest or testing methods.

What Happens When You’re Arrested For A DUI

Keep in mind, if arrested with a DUI or DWI in Rhode Island, a license suspension could possibly be obligatory. After your arrest, details can be analyzed to discover potential missteps made during your arrest that can be utilized by your Rhode Island DUI attorney. The procedures for arrest and the taking of synthetic tests of either breath, blood or urine must be followed to the tee. If they are not legitimately consented to, they can add up to a solid protection technique used by your RI DUI lawyer to.


There are situations when the police can take a blood or urine test rather than a breath test, and you may have had a Rhode Island DUI blood or urine test at the police headquarters. The act of administering the sampling of such specimens are very strict and it is common for oversights to be made. By having the details of your DUI arrest charges in RI analyzed through a Rhode Island drunk driving lawyer will help you in your case.


You are likely confronting a license suspension for a DUI refusal in RI. In any case, with an expert Rhode Island DUI attorney assessing your arrest details, this may not generally be the case. These Rhode Island DUI charges more often than not happen where a defendant is suspected of drunk driving, and afterward is arrested however won’t/neglects to show police they were over the legal blood alcohol content (BAC).

Rhode Island DUI Attorney At Your Service

Your RI DUI lawyer will work tirelessly to guarantee your case is settled as fast as possible, with the best results under the circumstances. They will research the case, addressing all officers and witnesses to guarantee the facts were presented correctly. Ordinarily, drivers are unjustifiably charged after a drunk driving accident yet are hesitant to go to bat for themselves against the arresting officer. Rest assured, in the event that your drunk driving accident attorney finds any evidence in your case that is wrong in any way, they will ensure you leave your case satisfied.


While it is common that you look for lawful representation soon after a drunk driving accident, it’s not generally simple to locate a top RI DUI lawyer who will battle for your rights enthusiastically and with the devotion your case needs. You require an experienced law expert who knows the intricate details of DUI law and who will make sure you get the best result.


Attempting to overcome a DUI case without the legitimate insight and mastery of a licensed lawyer is an impossible feat.


The term DUI means to drive while affected by alcohol or different medications to the degree that your ordinary motor functions are impaired. Your claim that you were not “drunk” or even “intoxicated” does not imply that you might not have been adequately “impaired” to be charged and indicted DUI. Essentially, it is not illicit in Rhode Island to drink and drive – it is unlawful to drink an excessive amount and then drive. The way that you have a “smell of mixed refreshment on your breath” or have “red, watery eyes” is not verification that the state will convict you of DUI.

How A DUI Works

There are 2 isolated courses for the police to charge and convict you of DUI. The first is by demonstrating through their subjective perceptions that you were impaired while working a motor vehicle. The second way the police can look to demonstrate your guilt is to demonstrate that when you were working your motor vehicle, your blood alcohol content (BAC) was .08 or higher. Police normally utilize the consequences of an Intoxilyzer test given not long after your arrest to figure out what your BAC was at the point they arrested you.


Because an attorney takes your case, doesn’t mean they will be the best to beat Rhode Island DUI/DWI charges effectively. Some general practice attorneys may essentially take a winnable case, and argue you guilty on the fact that they are not up to the assignment of battling to beat a Rhode Island DUI charge. This is the reason employing a RI DUI lawyer that solely practices in these types of cases is important. It should be a rule for yourself to hire the best Rhode Island drunk driving lawyer. If you try to represent yourself or utilize a public defender, you may not end up liking the results of your case.