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Daniel called me back right away and gave a free consultation over the phone.
Jared Stearns
17:55 20 Feb 20
Amazing and very responsive. Answers anytime and is the best lawyer out there!
Michael Hopkins
23:55 17 Oct 19
Daniel is the best professional that I have ever worked with. He treated my case as though I was his number 1 client. I was always kept up to date during the entire process.I would highly recommend Daniel.read more
Роман Тюска
19:15 19 Aug 19
Dan knows the practice of law very well and cares about doing and does high-quality work. Thank you
04:18 14 Apr 19
Dan is assertive, hard-working, reliable and honest. I"m very pleased with your service. Thank You
18:54 16 Mar 19
Mr. Griffin is a knowledge, trustworthy attorney. Informative and easy to communicate with.
17:47 21 Feb 19
Dan is responsible, on time, available and easy to contact.
23:32 11 Feb 19
Truly wonderful Lawyer went up and beyond. I highly recommend him. Truly professional 👍🏽responds quickly and he gets results. Wish I could give 10 stars ⭐️
Dan is a true professional. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable working with him and he always kept me informed throughout the process. His effort made all the difference in the outcome of my case and I would not have wanted anyone else representing me.read more
bret hunter
15:34 03 Oct 18
Daniel Griffin helped my mom with some of her legal issues. He is a standup guy, treats everyone with the utmost respect, and will put in the hard work necessary for his clients. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who has a legal problem in the Rhode Island area.read more
Sam Martin
04:37 06 Aug 18
Dan is a very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable lawyer. Dan has done a fantastic job representing me. He did a great job reducing my punishment in my DUI case, and he has been very patient and dedicated in my personal injury case. And not to mention he was more than willing to work out a payment option that helped me save money! If you're looking for a smart, helpful, and dedicated lawyer in Rhode Island you should definitely consider hiring Dan.read more
Jared B
13:05 24 Apr 18
Retaining a lawyer can be quite the task, your putting your trust in the hands of someone you know absolutely nothing about! A really good lawyer is a challenge to find, an exceptional lawyer is like finding a diamond in the rough. Attorney Daniel Griffin was my diamond in the rough! Dan is a pleasure to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable, respectful, attentive, very well organized and obviously respected by his piers. I highly recommend Daniel Griffin if you are looking for an exceptional Attorney with impeccable courtroom skills. Dan is the Attorney you want if your ever in need! Dan was able to save me from a great deal of trouble and worked extremely hard to get my case 100% dismissed! Thank you very much Dan!read more
James Peterssen
21:43 09 Apr 18
Dan is everything you need in a lawyer, professionalism and experienced. The moment I met Dan he made me feel comfortable and secure that we had hired the right lawyer. I completely recommend The Law offices of Daniel griffin if you need a lawyer who is not going to sugar coat thing, Dan is your lawyer. He is always available to answer any concern at timely manner. My family and I are extremely satisfied with the job that he did with our case.read more
Ana C Perez
01:28 09 Apr 18
Normally I don't like to share anything online about my personal business, but I feel it's important because Attorney Dan Griffin, deserves much praise for everything he had done for me! I was caught in a situation I have never been in before in my life and he did so much research and doing everything he could to get me off of an OUI charge! He did so much research and put his everything into my case and he was able to prove his case and needless to say we won and his hard work, research, and dedication, saved me a lot of trouble, embarrassment, and everything that goes along with an OUI or DUI charge. He had everything in order for our court dates and was amazing in the courtroom. I can't thank him enough! Thank you for helping me get through this Dan! If you're looking for an attorney to put his all into your case and to be completely upfront and honest about things, give Dan a call! You won't be sorry! He's very reliable, dependable, knowledgeable, and respectable!read more
Dawn L
16:08 07 Feb 18
Highly recommended. Knows his stuff. Always responsive. Never felt left in the dark about what was going on with my case. Got the job done. Thank you Dan
Geo Manko
21:42 30 Dec 17
Dan Griffin is the flat out best in the business. As a Captain on the West Warwick Police Department I have personally had the opportunity to work with Dan and had cases against him. Nobody is more prepared, talented and responsive than he is. He has the respect of the judges, prosecutors and the law enforcement throughout the state. Anyone arrested or in need of a lawyer would do themselves a disservice by not calling him first.read more
Joseph McConaghy
18:08 09 Dec 17
Dan is a knowledgable and confident attorney. I felt completely secure and relaxed working with him. Humble and trustworthy!!! Thanks Dan!!!
Sheri Giannattasio
18:48 07 Dec 17
Dan is a very loyal attorney who works tirelessly for his clients. His professional attitude and admirable work ethic are showcased in the courtroom. He is someone that can be counted on in desperate times.read more
Olivia Handy
17:11 04 Dec 17
I was extremely satisfied with Dan. He went over and beyond for me. He truly cares for his clients. He was always there to take my call when I needed him, was very caring for me and my situation. He is very knowledgeable and always looked out for my best interest. With Dan representing me I received the best results I could have received . One of the best decisions I made.read more
Steve D.
15:22 14 Nov 17
Dan is a very hard working attorney. Very organized and always answered when I needed him. Did everything he could to get me the right deal. Treated me more like a friend then just business. Thank you dan. I highly recommend!read more
Richard Golish
14:33 08 Nov 17
Extremely smart and very kind. After 4 years in the Marines and over 5 years as a Rhode Island prosecutor… I don’t see why someone would want ANYONE else other Dan representing them
Jeffrey Girgenti
22:55 29 May 17
I was facing a probation violation. In quick action he was able to develop a plan for me that ultimately led to the withdrawal of the violation. He's working on another matter for me now. I'm hoping for the best. He was always prepared an on point. I would certainly recommend Mr. Griffin to anyone looking for solid representation.read more
Thomas Hewes
23:26 30 Apr 17
As a city detective I've had the opportunity to work with Attorney Daniel Griffin many times over the years when he was assigned as a prosecutor with Rhode Island Attorney General's office. Attorney Griffin's professionalism, ethics, and his commitment to the victims he represented is unparalleled. These attributes are why he has earned a great reputation throughout the state. I am confident that attorney Griffin will apply the same determination and commitment to the clients he represents in his private practice. I highly recommend him if you are in need of legal services.Detective Joseph R. Hanley IIIread more
Joseph Hanley
01:02 17 Jan 17
Dan is a straight up kind of guy. Very professional and very down to earth. I would suggest anyone in need of an attorney call Dan! Dan is the man!
ken gallucci
21:24 12 Jan 17
Daniel Griffin is a man of his word! He does his best at all times and tries whatever it takes to provide you with the best possible outcome in your situation. He shows nothing but true professionalism, compassion and an incredible knowledge of the law! He is trustworthy and always follows through! I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to be represented in the best way possible!read more
Lyndsy Jane
23:34 11 Jan 17
Dan was excellent to work with. Always kept in touch and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone. very professional,prompt and reasonable A+++
Patrick Riley
22:02 11 Jan 17
Dan was an Amazing Assistant Attorney General for many years and was a pleasure to work with as a police officer. I'm confident with all his knowledge and experience he's going to be an Amazing defense attorney. He's definitely my choice I'm ever in need of a hard working attorney. Good luck and God bless Dan.read more
Louie Stravato
00:15 20 Oct 16


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RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

Law Office of Daniel Griffin Rhode Island Criminal and DUI Lawyer

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a scary and often times confusing scenario for most people.  Whether you have been charged with a felony, a misdemeanor, or a DUI/Refusal, you are entitled to a number of rights under the law.  Most importantly, you are entitled to hire a lawyer to advocate on your behalf.  You need an attorney who has the skills and experience to aggressively fight for you.  As a State prosecutor, Dan Griffin has handled all types of felony, misdemeanor, and DUI matters in the State of Rhode Island.  Never afraid to go the distance, Dan took numerous cases to trial with much success.   He has practiced in all courts throughout the state and is also licensed to practice in Federal Court and in Massachusetts.

Dan is skilled in the courtroom and is dedicated to working tirelessly for his clients.  He purposely keeps the number of criminal case clients small so as to provide them with the attention and dedication each of them deserve.   Dan is well aware of the debilitating consequences a DUI or a criminal conviction can have on a person’s reputation and overall future.  If you have been arrested or charged don’t trust someone who is less skilled and less experienced.

Contact Dan immediately for your free consultation.

RI Criminal Lawyer

A criminal charge can be one of the most stressful events you go through in life. This traumatic experience often leaves people who have never been arrested, with seemingly no options. If you find yourself faced with criminal charges and the possibility of fines, jail, and a permanent criminal record, seek legal advice and representation from an attorney with experience. Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin will be your legal counsel. For years, RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin was a prosecutor for the attorney general- he knows how both sides operate. The most important thing to look for when in need of a Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer is experience, and attorney Daniel Griffin has the knowledge and dedication to defend your criminal case. Daniel Griffin is here to fight for your rights around the clock.

Licensed in ALL Rhode Island Courts

A criminal charge is a serious matter that requires a quick response and plan. RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin focuses his practice on the counsel of citizens charged with criminal offenses in Rhode Island. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin offers the caring, tireless, and affordable representation you deserve. Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, RI criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin will appear in any criminal court in Rhode Island. These include Rhode Island district courts such as: Providence and Bristol Counties, Kent County, Newport County, and Washington County. RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin is also licensed to appear in all Rhode Island superior courts: Providence, Kent, Newport, and Washington.

RI Federal Courthouse
Rhode Island Courthouse
RI Federal Court
Rhode Island Court

You deserve the best defense possible. When you assign Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin to your case, you will have a former prosecutor in your corner; someone who knows both sides of the court. You will have a knowledgeable and experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney representing you in all RI courts. Communication is extremely important, and Rhode Island criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin will assist in informing you and providing documentation along every step of the way. RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin will make sure you are in control of your case and that all decisions are guided by his advice. You need an experienced RI criminal defense attorney to give guidance on critical decisions related to your case. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin brings priceless insights and a professional perspective to your case that other trial lawyers do not have. With your life at stake, do not delay in contacting RI criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin.

The Top Criminal Lawyer in RI

The Law Office of Daniel Griffin’s diverse range of legal services and dedication strengthens every case. All citizens are entitled to and deserve as much information as possible when it comes to their case. While at the Attorney General’s office, RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin prosecuted many cases during his tenure that lasted years. Additionally, Dan lectures incoming prosecutors at the police chief’s association- an experience not many other lawyers have. He is also invited annually to lecture at Roger Williams University and Rhode Island College. This unique combination of experience and knowledge gives Dan a perspective that isn’t held by too many attorneys.

Since RI criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin started his practice, he has applied all that he’s learned as a prosecutor and marine war veteran to better serve his clients. The trial skills he gained as a prosecutor are invaluable to your case if it is not settled outside of court. Daniel Griffin is a trial attorney who is ready to defend your case. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin is committed to providing each client’s case with the time and focus it deserves.

When you hire the Law Office of Daniel Griffin, you get Daniel Griffin. You don’t get someone else. Dan prides himself on the personal service each client deserves. Daniel Griffin is the Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer who reviews, oversees, and tries your case. He is the one by your side from the day you call him. He provides free consultation and is available 24 hours a day. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin provides personal, experienced, and aggressive representation to all clients.

Your voice will be heard and your story will be told. Rhode Island criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin will be the advocate by your side in every step of the way. You may be sitting in the station right now- do not talk to the police- you have the right to remain silent. RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin can speak to the police on your behalf or advise you to not speak at all. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin will also provide any paperwork necessary that clearly articulates your rights. Attorney Daniel Griffin will take the time to keep you updated regarding the progress of your case.

You need immediate counsel to fight for you. The burden of proof falls upon the state to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but this is not something to chance. Your freedom and liberty is too important to wait to defend. RI criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin will discuss and investigate what can be argued, motions that can be filed, and subpoenas that can be issued. Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin knows how difficult being accused of criminal charges can be on your relationships. Facing criminal charges can destroy your reputation and the Law Office of Daniel Griffin is here to help you and your family through this difficult time.

Dedicated to Your Case

RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin will work with you to minimize the severe penalties by conducting a concise and thorough investigation of witnesses and documents. All parties involved, including the police, will be examined to ensure no evidence that will be used against you was obtained illegally. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin will investigate all facts and angles in his pre-trial investigation and employ any expert necessary to ensure no stone is left un-turned.

Daniel Griffin is a trial attorney who is ready to take the case to trial if the plea bargain is not fair or the prosecution’s case is weak. If it is in the best interest of you, RI criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin will do it. From the moment you call the office, Dan will aggressively defend your case and look at every possible defense. If you have been arrested for any type of misdemeanor or felony, it is imperative that you contact the Law Office of Daniel Griffin right away.

During your free case evaluation, Attorney Griffin will:


Listen to your case and ask you detailed questions about the situation in order to make a fair assessment.


Share my unique experiences with similar cases and situations.


Explain exactly what your case means for you moving forward, and what the strategy will look like.

There are good criminal lawyers…and then there are great ones.

Trying to represent yourself or getting a public defender is not ideal, even if it may save you some money upfront. It is always best to hire a private attorney like Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin to handle your criminal defense. The skill and dedication of your criminal defense lawyer will have a huge impact on the final decision of your case. Every step your attorney makes should be made to protect your rights to the fullest extent. A Rhode Island criminal defense attorney can save you thousands of dollars in fines and jail time.

Not many RI lawyers practice criminal defense, and even fewer lawyers have tried cases before a jury or judge. Just because you are charged with a crime does not mean you are guilty. Not every guilty person deserves a punishment that will negatively affect them for the rest of their life. If you have been arrested for a crime, you are feeling scared and confused. It is frightening to feel the enormous strength of the State working against your freedom. Just because you’ve been arrested does not mean you will be convicted. Defendants who have a RI criminal defense lawyer who is willing to fight and challenge the State can often avoid convictions and get their case dismissed or reduced to lesser charges. Rhode Island criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin will help you win your criminal case explain the effects that different types of pleas will have on your future.

What To Expect At Daniel Griffin’s RI Criminal Defense Law Firm

  • If you have already been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense and are in custody,
    we will help with your bail hearing so you can get released as soon as possible.
  • Before going to trial, RI criminal defense lawyer Daniel Griffin will consider every option in terms of a plea bargain.
  • If we have to go to trial, a careful investigation of your charges and all of the evidence against you will be conducted in order to build a strong defense.
  • RI criminal defense attorney Griffin will take a strategic approach from the careful selection of the jury to the opening statements, examination and cross-examination of witnesses and closing arguments.
  • The Law Office of Daniel Griffin will clearly communicate your side of the story while discounting the prosecutor’s case against you.

The Law Office of Daniel Griffin

Whether it is a dismissal, reduction of charges or a win after a trial, RI criminal defense attorney Daniel Griffin will make sure you understand all of the legal issues, defenses and consequences involved in your criminal case. The right RI criminal defense lawyer will provide a defendant with an understanding of the charges, available defenses, and plea bargains that can be fought for. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin’s main concern is to make sure clients are afforded all protections under the laws of Rhode Island and the U.S. Constitution.