How Long Does a DUI Conviction Stay on a Criminal Record?

How Long Does a DUI Conviction Stay on a Criminal Record?


How long does a DUI stay on your criminal record in Rhode Island?


If you’ve been convicted of a DUI offense and you have a Rhode Island driver’s license, your conviction will remain on your record for five full years.

Other Facts About DUI Convictions

As well as remaining on your record for this time period, it may be counted against you if you are sentenced for a second DUI/DWI offense. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, and want to avoid having a DUI on your record for five long years, the best strategy is to hire an RI DUI lawyer.

A great DUI attorney will be able to utilize talent, skill and experience in order to get your offense reduced to a less-serious reckless driving charge. Your DUI lawyer will also be able to get your DUI charge dropped.

Seek Legal Assistance

It is important to call a DUI attorney as soon as you are charged. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your future. However, if you haven’t gone to court yet due to your DUI charge, you should know that it’s never too late to connect with a DUI attorney. The type of legal counsel that a DUI attorney offers is extremely helpful. An expert DUI attorney will have the deepest understanding of complicated Rhode Island drunk driving laws.

If you’ve already been convicted of a DUI and your license has been suspended, hiring a DUI attorney will be the best way to get your driver’s license back as soon as it’s legally possible.

You Need a DUI Attorney

DUI attorneys help clients in many ways. If you’re up on DUI charges, representing yourself in court is not a good idea. DUI law includes many nuances such as plea bargains and other legal tactics which are utilized in order to access lower penalties for those who are facing DUI charges. As well, you won’t know how to go about trying to get a DUI charge reduced or thrown out.

When it comes to DUI charges, it’s time to get a real DUI lawyer. Without one, you may face the harshest penalties, plus a mark on your record for several years.

Avoid Future Hardship

When you consider the impact that a DUI conviction will have on your lifestyle and career, you’ll see that investing in the services of an experienced DUI attorney is the best money you’ll ever spend. A DUI results in a suspended license, possible jail time and fines. Now is the time to get the help that you need. If you don’t, may lose your license and suffer other legal penalties which negatively impact your quality of life. Expunging your DUI is highly recommended once you’ve reached the 5 year threshold.

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