DUI Without a Sobriety Test

DUI Without a Sobriety Test


I got a DUI without taking a sobriety test- what do I do?


You are going to have a tough time in court because the facts and police report for your case are most likely very subjective. You are also probably facing a mandatory suspended license right off the bat. Get a DUI lawyer.

Getting Pulled Over

You may or may not have the right to refuse to take a sobriety test when a police officer pulls you over. Each state has different laws regarding sobriety tests. Police officers will do single tests or multiple tests in order to determine whether or not drivers are under the influence. The first one performed is likely to be the “field sobriety test” if you comply with the request.

A police officer asks the driver to do certain tasks which are difficult for people who are intoxicated to finish. A police officer may utilize a breathalyzer in order to measure the concentration of blood alcohol in the driver. Blood-alcohol concentration is often called BAC.

Should You Refuse to Take the Test?

You may panic when you’re pulled over and decide not to take a field sobriety test or breathalyzer test. Be aware that certain states have “implied consent” regulations. These laws mean that you may have consented to taking a breathalyzer just by driving in the state. Rhode Island is a state where implied consent is the law.

In addition to breath tests (and urine and blood tests), law enforcement have a range of methods they use in order to determine how intoxicated drivers are.

A lot of states enforce “no refusal” laws in addition to implied consent. You may be penalized if you refused to take a sobriety test. You will need a DUI attorney to help you navigate the legal system (and minimize or eliminate the negative impact of refusing to take a sobriety test).

Sobriety Tests in Rhode Island

If you refused to take a breathalyzer test after being pulled over by a police officer in Rhode Island, we strongly recommend hiring a DUI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.

In 2006, Rhode Island’s General Assembly passed a bill that strengthened the legal penalties for refusing to take chemical tests. A breathalyzer test is a chemical test. During 2001, over eighty-four percent of Rhode Island citizens who were suspected of being drunk behind the wheel refused to take chemical tests (breathalyzers). Refusal penalties and DUI laws are tougher than ever before.

Refusing a breathalyzer test will result in a suspended license and a suspended privilege to drive. You’ll be temporarily stripped of your license (and privilege to drive) when you attend your arraignment. Without an excellent RI DUI lawyer by your side, you may find that getting your license (and privilege to drive) back is very difficult

Do You Need a DUI Attorney?

If you need a DUI lawyer in Rhode Island, call The Law Office of Daniel Griffin today for your FREE legal consultation. Attorney Daniel Griffin will help you to build the strongest case and get the fewest penalties, even if you’ve refused to take a sobriety test.

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