What to say in DUI court

What to say in DUI court

What to say in court

You are probably asking this question because you are nervous and confused about the court process. Instead of thinking about what to say, get a DUI lawyer. They will guide you through the whole process and tell you exact what to say and what moves to make.

DUI Court

If you want to make the best possible impression in DUI court, educating yourself about what you should say (and then choosing your words with care while you’re in the courtroom), will be a very smart strategy. In many cases, defendants in DUI cases have never been in court before.

These first-time defendants are generally nervous because the courtroom environment is unfamiliar and intimidating. Sometimes, they say too much or say the wrong things, simply because they are dealing with nerves and don’t know what the judge wants to hear.

Today, we’d like to help you prepare for your DUI court appearance by giving you some expert coaching…

What to wear in court

Before we talk about what you should focus on as you speak up in court, let’s take a minute to talk about image. Quite often, people who are charged with DUIs need to show up for their first court appearances the morning after their arrests. Sometimes, they are not in good shape mentally or physically and it shows.

In order to make a good first impression, you should make every effort to pull yourself together. This means being clean, well-groomed and well-dressed. If you had a rough night, try not to let it show in court. Look as respectable as possible. It does make a difference. If you can’t access a change of clothes, do the best that you can to smooth out any wrinkles and to groom your hair.

If you want to plead “not guilty” to your charge, you’ll need to do that after your RI drunk driving lawyer “waives a reading”. After you enter your plea, you may ask for a jury trial if you want one. This whole process during your court visit is known as an Arraignment. It’s a process whereby a defendant enters his or her plea.

Your lawyer will generally handle all other interactions, including the process of arranging bail for you if bail is an option. So, you really don’t need to say much during your Arraignment.

During the 2nd court appearance, you may initiate a “hardship hearing”. This is designed to show that you will need a driver’s license in order to make a living. In order to access lenience from the courts with regard to keeping your license, you will need to prove that public transit in your area is not sufficient to meet your needs.

Also, you’ll have to prove that another person in your home will not be able to drive you to work and back. You’ll need evidence, including bus schedules. So, speak to your DUI attorney and then get organized.

Once the second court appearance is over, a district attorney will typically offer a plea bargain to your RI DUI lawyer. This offer will vary based on a host of factors, including number of offenses on your record, how intoxicated you were behind the wheel and other important elements. If you were over a certain level of intoxication, a plea bargain may not be offered.

For example, if your Breathalyzer reading was .12 or less, you’ll find that your drunk driving attorney is offered a plea bargain via the District Attorney.

If you didn’t cooperate by taking a breath test when you were pulled over/taken to the police station, your driver’s license will be taken away, via DMV.

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There are more steps in the process. There are more court appearances. In general, you won’t need to say much beyond entering a plea and then explaining your circumstances if you opt for a hardship hearing. Unless you plead guilty, the process will wind on for a while, but you won’t be expected to say an awful lot in court. Basically, your lawyer will do a lot of talking for you and this is why you should definitely invest in good legal counsel.

Your lawyer is there to explain things and help you. The better the lawyer, the better your odds of avoiding a DUI conviction which remains on your driving record for years and may remain on your permanent criminal record unless it is expunged. Our legal team does know how to help those with DUI convictions to get their criminal records expunged.

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The key to accessing the help that you need in court, including detailed advice about what you’ll need to say while you are at your court appearances, is retaining excellent legal counsel. You need a lawyer who understands drunk driving laws in your state inside and out! We offer exceptionally talented DUI legal services to our clients. Whether you’ve just been charged or need to get a DUI conviction expunged, you should know that calling us today is the most effective and sensible way to protect yourself and get assistance.

Without a good lawyer at your side, a DUI case may not go your way. Also, you may find that you feel more frightened and stressed. A lawyer knows the whole process and will be able to guide you and support you, whether you plead guilty or not guilty. Also, he or she will be able to offer advice on how to plead and what the realistic odds are of avoiding a conviction if you do decide to plead, “not guilty”.

Now that you know what to say in DUI court, you’ll be ready to move forward and call our office. We’ll talk with you and find out what you need. Then, we’ll prepare you for DUI court. Our services are affordable and they are an investment in your future and your peace of mind. You need a great attorney and we will match you with a lawyer who has years of experience with these types of cases, as well as with DUI expungement cases.

Don’t wait to get the legal counsel you need. The earlier you contact us, the better. Get in touch today.

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