DUI with an accident

DUI with an accident


I got charged with a DUI and there was an accident. What do I do?


Get a DUI lawyer immediately. Your DUI charges are way more severe because an accident occurred. A lot is at stake here.

An Accident is a Serious Matter

If you’ve been charged with a DUI with an accident, the accident makes your DUI charge more serious. This means you may be in line for harsher penalties. There are many variables in these cases. Hiring an expert DUI attorney will be the best way to ensure a strong defense in court.

In some cases, a DUI attorney may be able to make a plea bargain for you. It may even be possible to get your charges reduced or dropped. If you’re a Rhode Island resident, you’ll find the facts in the rest of this article helpful.

Basic Facts About DUI Charges

If this charge if your first DUI offense, it may be classified as a misdemeanor. Second-time DUI charges are also typically classified as misdemeanors. If it’s your third DUI in five years, the legal situation is much more serious. Your DUI charge will be classified as a felony. If you are convicted of a felony, legal punishment may be harsh. Plus, your felony conviction will remain on public record for years. Those who are convicted of felony DUIs often have trouble renting homes and getting certain jobs. There is a stigma to having any type of DUI conviction. However, the felony convictions are the most serious and therefore come with the most stigma.

The accident which was triggered by the DUI is going to play a role in your case. If there is proof that the accident occurred due to your impaired driving, legal punishment will be harsh. It will include fees, fines, jail time and loss of your driver’s license for an extended period of time. Whether someone was hurt or killed during the accident will also factor in. Some drunk drivers who’ve been found responsible for the deaths or bodily injuries of others spend a decade in jail.

You need an expert attorney who will be able to examine all of the facts and circumstances in your case and devise a smart defense strategy. Without a great DUI attorney at your side, you may find you are losing the case- and you will The fact that there was an accident makes your DUI charge more serious. It’s vital to retain legal counsel at this difficult time in your life.

Who Should You Hire?

Cranston, Rhode Island attorney, Daniel Griffin, is your best option- he is Rhode Island’s top DUI lawyer. If you call The Law Office of Daniel Griffin today, you’ll get the skilled legal advice and representation you need. RI DUI lawyer Dan Griffin will do all he can to ensure you are able to put your legal difficulties behind you. He fights for his clients with every legal tactic and understands Rhode Island DUI laws inside and out. Contact his team today to book a FREE legal consultation.

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