U.S. Marine War Veteran.
Former prosecutor.
Attorney Daniel Griffin fought for his country
and now he is fighting for you.
Check out this comprehensive guide on EXACTLY what to do when you’re pulled over for a DUI (or anything else)

When you know your rights and protect yourself from the heavy hand of the state- you keep your freedom.

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When it comes to defending my clients for DUI, criminal charges, and other matters- I let their reviews do the talking.

Joseph Hanley
Joseph Hanley
01:02 17 Jan 17
As a city detective I've had the opportunity to work with Attorney Daniel Griffin many times over the years when he was assigned as a prosecutor with Rhode Island Attorney General's office. Attorney Griffin's professionalism, ethics, and his commitment to the victims he represented is unparalleled. These attributes are why he has earned a great reputation throughout the state. I am confident that attorney Griffin will apply the same determination and commitment to the clients he represents in his private practice. I highly recommend him if you are in need of legal services.Detective Joseph R. Hanley IIIread more
ken gallucci
ken gallucci
21:24 12 Jan 17
Dan is a straight up kind of guy. Very professional and very down to earth. I would suggest anyone in need of an attorney call Dan! Dan is the man!read more
Lyndsy Jane
Lyndsy Jane
23:34 11 Jan 17
Daniel Griffin is a man of his word! He does his best at all times and tries whatever it takes to provide you with the best possible outcome in your situation. He shows nothing but true professionalism, compassion and an incredible knowledge of the law! He is trustworthy and always follows through! I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to be represented in the best way possible!read more
Patrick Riley
Patrick Riley
22:02 11 Jan 17
Dan was excellent to work with. Always kept in touch and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone. very professional,prompt and reasonable A+++read more
Louie Stravato
Louie Stravato
00:15 20 Oct 16
Dan was an Amazing Assistant Attorney General for many years and was a pleasure to work with as a police officer. I'm confident with all his knowledge and experience he's going to be an Amazing defense attorney. He's definitely my choice I'm ever in need of a hard working attorney. Good luck and God bless Dan.read more
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Dennis Ricci
Dennis Ricci
Rose Corrente
Rose Corrente
I was recommended by a friend to see Dan and he helped me in anyway he could. He was professional and answered any question I had or could of had. His experience solidified my trust in his knowledge. I'd recommend him to anyone.read more
Dave Bonz
Dave Bonz
Dan is a well respected attorney with great integrity who will serve his clients with expertise and dedication. Could not recommend him higher.read more
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez
Dan is a very professional lawyer, I recommend him to all my friends.
Nicole Gomes
Nicole Gomes
Deborah Pell Yaffee
Deborah Pell Yaffee
For excellence in professional legal representation, Dan's the man!
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Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

5 Things You Need To Do When You're Arrested For DUI

1. Don’t resist arrest. This is fundamental- it will do absolute harm to your case.

2. Be respectful. You may have been wrongly arrested but the police will not reason with you.

3. Don’t sign anything or talk to anyone without an attorney.

4. Take the chemical test at the police station.

5. Call me at 401-230-3801

The Law Office of Daniel Griffin provides its clients with smart and efficient solutions to their wide range of legal needs. RI DUI lawyer Daniel Griffin understands that most legal issues can often be confusing and intimidating. It is a priority for Dan that each issue is explained and the clients are aware of steps being taken to achieve the desired results.

As a former prosecutor for the Rhode Island Attorney General, Attorney Daniel Griffin knows the ins and outs of the DUI court. Since he is now an RI DUI attorney, his experience as a prosecutor gives him an edge in the courtroom- Dan is already inside the prosecutor’s head and knows the arguments they make.

Do you want a lawyer in your corner who already knows what the other side is thinking?

After 4 years in the Marines and over 5 years as a Rhode Island prosecutor… I don’t see why someone would want ANYONE else other Dan representing them- Jeff

RI DUI Lawyer

The Law Office of Daniel Griffin is a Rhode Island law firm focused on defending those accused of DUI charges. Attorney Daniel Griffin is an RI DUI Lawyer providing aggressive and experienced representation to people charged with DUI and DWI in Rhode Island. When your job and family life is on the line you need the best Rhode Island DUI lawyer to step up to the plate for you.

Attorney Daniel Griffin‘s services are first-class and offer a common sense touch to your legal issue. With a vast amount of litigation knowledge and courtroom experience, he has the respect of the legal and local community as a Rhode Island DUI lawyer.

Aside from his military service, Dan has lived his entire life in Rhode Island. He is licensed to practice law in all Rhode Island and Massachusetts courts.